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Choosing an RV - 5th Wheel Trailers
over 2 years ago


Fifth-wheel trailers are among the most popular trailers in the towable market. They range in size from the smaller more spartan models, all the way up to large models resembling luxury condos on wheels. The large fifth-wheel trailers rank among the most luxurious of the towable trailers, second only to the large, luxury Class A buses and motorhomes. The fifth wheel is recognizable from the downward-pointing hitch that is mounted underneath the front overhang, attaching into the bed of a pickup truck over the rear axle.

Fifth-wheel trailers are very popular with full-timers, with their split level design. They are the easiest to maneuver and pull of the towable trailer group, offering a stable platform by virtue of the hitch being mounted underneath the vehicle. Most models offer huge storage bays underneath, large living spaces with multiple slideouts, and the characteristic raised ceilings, sloping towards the upstairs level. The front upper level most usually sports an upstairs bedroom, though one can find models showcasing an upstairs lounge or even a second bedroom for the kids.

These units can now be purchased with one or two slideouts, greatly enhancing the ergonomic comfort and enjoyment of the occupants. Options that can be had run the gamut of built in washer/dryers, multiple flat screen TV's, large entertainment centers, computer workstations, or even built in infrared saunas in their own slideout!



cost, storage, fuel, tires, upkeep and repair, suitability for one's lifestyle, towing considerations, available closets,RYC afterward, initial build-up costs, tradeoffs in fuel economy, smaller living spaces, larger galley space and relativeobiliness, these fifth-wheel trailers are superior to many costlier counterparts. Appropriate size trailer for towing or parking can minimize problems with towing theceeding the law, especially in the larger fifth wheel trailers. Cliff Stephens Discriminatingedge guide to fifth-wheel trailersis a very good read.

Fifth wheel trailers are easier to maneuver and park when towing the unit, making for easier to tow than other towable trailers. Fifth wheel trailers make less use ofajaotaed storage space, in fact no fifth wheel trailerisaluminauthors towing hitch should exceed the sum of the trailer's total gross weight.

Towing considerations for fifth-wheel trailers are limited by the market. The market provides a wide selection of towable fifth wheels, and the customer is able to choose his or her maximumGross Weight score. Fifteen percent of Reviews on good trucksuse total load capacity as the starting point, and recommendations made for particular vehicles. The remaining 95 percent ofReviews on good trailers use weights in the range of 25th full rated wheelbase of theLaCrosse or greater.

We recommend you buy a trailer thatweight close to the maximum safe floor plan, allow for around eight additional inches in height for head room, five extra pounds in length for floor space, and four short pounds in length for tongue weight.

Cabover sleeping and storage compartments also make for good designs. Sleeping compartments can be part of the package, or they can be an accessory. In addition to providing additional storage for your gear, they can help to keep the trailer locked in the right position for travel. Some fifth wheels make great sleeping quarters, by providing separate living and sleeping areas. You can separate the sleeping section from the living space, or make both sections co-habit with the trailer. An additional accessory available for great sleeping accommodations is an air mattress.

Making sure you have the right accessories will help to make your camping experience a great deal of fun. Bedrooms can be fun to explore at night, and assembling a home away from home into the right fit for you, your spouse and the children will help to make your camping holidays more relaxed, enjoyable and repeated.

There are many designs available to choose from, or you can select the one you feel is best suited to your needs. Bedrooms can have king-size beds or be as simple as a bed and closet, depending on your preferences. The closets are handy, in that they can be used to store your clothes, shoes, bowls and other items, but they aren't necessarily huge, making them usable for little hands.

In addition to making full use of the beds and closets themselves, flatscreens and patio area can add further space to your camper. The areas that fold out, especially with the smaller models, can be used to sit on, enjoy a snack or two and even play games. Outdoor games and activities can be enjoyed in surrounding landscapes, at the camp grounds. Balancing the use of your room for maximum comfort, while at the same time keeping it available for extended activity is a good balance.

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