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Hiking in Italy - Beyond The Needle Trail
over 1 year ago
One of the most amazing hiking trails in the world is the Pike's Peak Trail in the state of Colorado. It is a 2 mile stability with incredible views of the wilderness that seldom is seen by most Americans.

The Pike's Peak Trail at Colorado's ideal hiking elevation ranges from a gentle, grassy stroll on the ridgetop to a wild and memorable descent in the White River Valley of the High Peaks.

Hiking the trail can be done in one day or as a long as you have the accommodations to spend a few nights on the mountain. As close as 60 miles to the city of Denver, the trail is near publicly owned land and can be done by foot or bike. The 12 mile trek is a treat for the serious hiker as well as the day or night hiker.

It is clear that the trail has many dedicated employees that take care of the well maintained and meticulously planned trails in the White River Valley of the High Peaks. Having hiked on the trail myself, I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to have lunch with some of those employees who work day and night to make sure that the trails are maintained and that the guests who are guests of the lodge are comfortable.

Those chosen by the maintainers to maintain the trails are committed to keeping them clean and well maintained. Having hiked on the trail myself, I can say that it is one of the greatest experiences of my life. The tranquility, the beauty, the serenity that comes over the trail after a long day's march is beyond words.

If you would like to get a real feel for what the feel you are walking in, then walk down the 12 miles of the White River valley floor, stopping now and then to study the amazing rock formations and magnificent valleys in the valley. Do not expect to find a lot of people on the trail. As a matter of fact, there are not very many people who have anything to do with hiking in the White River Valley other than to enjoy the cool trails and all of the other hiking paths like Blood Mountain.

Come to Colorado and walk along the majestic trails in the White River valley; bring your camera to capture the conquests of your dreams and achieve a sense of peace and contentment. Once you return to your car or lodge, you can charge your camera batteries.

To get to the White River Valley take Exit #1 off of I-70 and head east towards Fort Collins. When you see the little entrance marked by a Squaw Peak on your left, turn left. The road to the White River Valley is closed and you will not be able to access the White River until sometime in the future, so please continue to the entrance and turn left.

The first 6 miles of the trail is the same old road used for miles upon miles of logging roads. Old logging roads were rough and dangerous and the cars would barely go over the speed limit. Today the road is straight and most of the vehicles should at least match the trails. Be careful of wildlife in the area including deer.

The next 6 miles into White Cloud refers to the Clouds in White Cloud area. You will be traveling the same way as you did before, down and up through the cloud forests. When you are walking on the down hill side, the trail is so closely packed that if you decided to get off the trail at anytime, it would be difficult to see where you were going.

The very top of the trail is so dense and green that you could not see your hand if it was in your pack. If you want to have a photo of the down hill scenery, bring along a LED head lamp which provides a better beam light which you can see the highlights of the trail with.

The trail starts at the state park with a length of the same old road. At 18,110 feet, the area is full of trees and has been referred to as "Amazon Rainforest" because of the rich abundance of unbelievably large trees. As you tour the area, you will find a wide variety of animal life that includes bears, deer and moose. A wide variety of plant life includes rainforest plants, bamboo and magnolias.

When you are planning this hike, you will want to ensure that you bring along a variety of layers of clothes because the trail in these thick forests is exhausting. You will need to pace yourself and remember that if you slow down, you will exhaust yourself and won't be able to enjoy yourself as much as you want to. The final leg of the hike, including the absolutely gorgeous and exhilarating descent on the Pike's Peak Trail - 4.39 miles - will be very hard and the very last 500 feet of the descent is a solid rock wall, so hold onto something to balance yourself!
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