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How Do RV Refrigerators Work and What Problems Are Common?
over 2 years ago


The remote refrigerator invention is a very useful tool. It combines the miniature refrigerator with the convenience of an ice box. A luxury that ordinary RV refrigerators could provide, the new remote RV refrigerator offers many advantages while still being portable.

Basic Operation

The basic RV refrigerator consists of a compressor which compresses air which then is pumped to a 12 volt refrigerator bus. The compressor can be powered by any automobile cigarette lighter current, or even by an electric motor. The refrigerant goes to the rear of the refrigerator, to the cooling fan. The fan alone operates the compressor which in turn runs the cooling coils inside the refrigerator. As the ambient temperature outside changes so does the heating of the coils inside the mobile refrigeration unit.

The coils are sensitive to temperature changes and their electrical resistance which controls the quantity of air exchanged. When the equipment is in good working order, the coils will warn you that it is too hot to touch. They work by emitting a narrow beam of magnetic energy that travels through the RV refrigerator. The energy being emitted travels through the equipment to the exterior poles which causes the RV to "breath".

There are several problems that can occur with regards to the coils. The most commonly used to affect them are humid or salty air. Moisture and salt can make the coils soft and uneven. Salt actually iodide concentrating in the coils will cause them to not work properly. Another reason is that the coils are not properly insulated. That is, when fresh ice is entered into the system the coils become hotter and produce less electrical energy. Therefore, with continued use of the system, the coils will continue to lose ice and therefore the freezer will not work properly.

According to Eric Tardif The RV refrigeration system consists of 3 parts. The most valuable and the most portable of these are the cooking refrigerator and the cooling unit. Better RV refrigerators are often referred to as super-regulators. This type of RV refrigeration system makes it possible to have refrigeration and still have the delicious chilled condiments that you would enjoy at the meals. Other RV refrigerators are known as restricted temperature units. These RV refrigerators are less capable when it comes to cooling the same amount of space on a regular basis as the camping fridge. The RV refrigerators are also less capable when it comes to site specific uses. The RV refrigerator can work at a site where the temperature is warm but the wind is blowing also creating cold air. On the other hand the RV refrigerator can not work at temperatures below freezing.

chilled foods are one thing but it is another to know how to transport and cook them. When you are on a camping trip you would love to be able to take along a fridge so that you can be very mobile. Fridge containers are available in the market for this purpose. If you are going to camp on a warmer place than the RV refrigerator you can use the injected air furnace and the propane refrigerator. The chilled foods can also be heated easily by the All-terrain vehicle heaters which are normally installed in the recreational vehicle.

aporization system will not work in cold weather when the inside of the RV is warm. The best way to accommodate the colder temperatures is to add small allowances for your RV refrigerator and gas heater. These small allowances are available in the form of coat hanger. Small additions can make a significant difference.

A daytime running refrigerator will save you a lot of money. Gas prices now start rising around 5 pm. It will be too cold to go to the grocery store and your meal will be a spoilage. On the other hand, you do not want to load your RV with tons of food.

The food you buy needs to be stored properly or it will get spoilt. Items such as meat need to be stored properly and in a cooler separate from the perishables. The most common cause of meat to spoil is old age and bad upkeep. Old age and over working the meat will cause it to become spoilage. Never wash your meat and save it for your next meal. It is very important that you remember to keep yourself hygienic. If you do not the temperature inside the meat will soar up and cause hardening.

Ground sheets and tents also make a difference, the tents if eating off of them and the ground sheets if you are placing under the tent. A plastic table cloth is best but a cloth laid out on the ground is also effective. Cloth napkins and trash bags also need to be stored properly to keep the camp site clean and tidy.

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