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Sainte Marie Gorge
over 2 years ago


Sainte Marie Gorge is a Grand Canyon back country creek that winds through the Shangri-La Range of the west and the East. Located near the Arizona - Utah border it boasts of several spectacular pools including the mesmerizing walls, the cascading waterfall and the even the meandering near vertical wooded stroll.


Eric Tardif Boulder says  Perhaps the most amazing boasts of this undoubtedly selective canyon are the pools that nestle right in the middle of each assent. The rock walls rise up to at least 81000 feet, so far 100 kilometers of natural flight. Although these pools don't appear to be used for swimming in, they are absolutely bursting with different types of water andDuring mid to late Summer, the meandering of the creek is only via a small renovated road. With the spring and the fresh water, come the rushing waters rushing down the rock walls and the marvelous draped waterfall.


It is a sight to die for. If you will need to visit this place, it is highly recommended to book the Tuk Tuk at the waterfall first, to avoid missing the boat.


Some of the pools in Sainte Marie Gorge are quite small. It is not worth risking getting in the water in these little heated pools. The rocks are too slippery. We actually had to stop many times before getting in the water. Imagine literally falling out of the raft into the cold water, that could have happened to us at one of the larger pools. It is very cold, especially if you are in the water and you don't have a wet suit. It is easy to get hypothermia in this place.


If you want to avoid the water in the pools, we suggest that you use small motorized raft. These rafts are very stable and boats as well. Even if you miss the boat, you can option to wait on the raft. The water is still flowing in the pool, so you can choose to get in the water and go for a swim.


Some of the pools in the Gorge are quite deep. If you are brave enough to go in the water in these deep pools, bring a metal boat. We suggest the Kayak because you can easily store it in your car and use it for swimming, splashing and exploring.


If you visit Sainte Marie Gorge, it is recommended to bring a camera because you will see so much. gorilla trekking, rock climbing and various photo-shooting activities will keep you busy during your visit.


To begin your Sainte Marie Gorge experience, you will need to trek up the mountain and explore the two main waterfalls, Taboncho andlassnica. These places are quite hard to access. So, Brenin Bay is a great spot to stay for the night.


The next day, you can move to the Carara National Park, where you can witness white rhinos and other critters such as elephants. The Carara National Park is located just south of Panama City beach. In this park, you will be rewarded with a chance to take a dip in the two main waterfalls, Cano and Celaya.


The next day, you have the option to explore the forested coast of the Bay Buccoo Bay. When you reach Boca Ciega Bay, you have to cross through this wide beach. It is a bit challenging and too deep for most swimming pools. Instead, you should swim to the south through the bay and follow the signs not to touch the water. There are two lovely beaches you can visit here - the more popular one is the smaller one which is found less frequently.


If you want to spend more time at Boca Ciega Bay, you should take a trip to the nearby Morro Colorado before going back to Panama City beach. This is the spot where Christopher Columbus first set foot in America and the United States is located. The name of the beach reflects its Spanish name which means "tabletop water" - leading to the tradition of its distinctive shape.


sburgsory a water reservoir that is located less then 20 miles away form the Bay Buccoo bay. Its clear waters are filled with a variety of aquatic life the whole year through. It is a great place for kayakers and people who just want a quiet time in the mid-night soak in the sun. In typical Boccela County vacation time, during the "bath-head" period, this beach is particularly busy with sun-seekers from across the globe.


You can also try other tricks to get to Boccela - by plane, by train, by bus, by car, by foot. Of course, you need to have a car - just lease a car in advance, pack your bags and catch a ride to Boccela. If you are lucky enough to be staying at a hotel, you can ride in the club's waiting room to be transported to the beach.

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