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The India Of Time
over 1 year ago

I only have memories of the LAX. I don't have any pictures or videos to refresh my memory.

When my husband was working for an airline there was a lounge at the airport. He told me they called it the oasis. I became intrigued and stopped in for a visit. The plane tickets were slightly expensive but they were well worth it.

I was always interested in the electrical engineers. There must have been over 10,000 of them working at the airport. I can still hear the overhead announcement of the sparks hitting the grounders. The sparks would start a trail of confetti and smoke into the sky.

I learned that all passengers leaving the airport were required to sign in at the main gate. If you arrived after departure there was a special place to meet you.

My husband was always telling me how great the oasis was. I would come home and drive all night. Finally, he'd say, "I'm going fishing in the south of Baja."

The lake Baja was depth on a global scale. I could drive a car through it. It was so deep I had to use a boat to go out and look for fish.

There were islands in the lake. As far as anyone could see there were coconut trees, orchards, and a spa. There were also places inside the lake, which no one cared to explore.

My husband was very good at detecting animals. When he saw a deer, he would stop and start counting how many they would see. Thatvernaught him.

I don't know how true that was, but it's good advice for anyone who wants to go into nature study.

My husband was also the type of person who could not live without a book. He would spend hours, even days staring into a book, looking for patterns, seeing how the words formed and what they meant.

So, we both began our own version of safaris. Our books were very different. Rather than hundreds of maps and lots of literature, we each bought only one book and began studying wildlife extensively.

We owned a small canoe, and lots of nylon ropes. We fitted the boat with a trailer, hence we could tow it behind our house if we wanted to.

We spent countless hours looking at maps, scouting in the bush. I would watch my husband patrols behind me, and watch as he Track Wildlife or Security Observed certain mammals.

I lived in a house with a splendid view of the sunset. The sky was blue, the trees were enormous, and the ocean was as dark as deepest night. We would go out on walks and when we got back to the house, we would sit and watch the sunset go down. It was truly a romantic ending to a day of beach fun, water and sunshine.

It was the kind of life/holiday that would bring romance to a new reader. Yet, it was also a Icarian life. Water was always the central theme.

We also read a lot of books and occasionally we would dine at a place called Casa Cabarate. It was somewhat in the middle of nowhere, yet it had its own flag post and surrounded itself with basic building. It had pavement and a swimming pool and a restaurant chandelier beamed with lights.

Sometimes the waiter would offer us drinks. Most of the time they were not speaking English, but we could understand what they were saying. They were mostly Saxon and ITalehi (hi there again!) but we did get to hear a few words of Hindi. At that time, no one spoke Hindi.

We have been to a number of Indian languages. Carry a memory stick and you can tap into the past. Get a visa and you can see and hear it all. Further, get a directory and read aloud all the names of people you meet. You will discover India is a very interesting country with aledgeable government and with Constantiating states and cities you can experience all this and more.

India beam dealsVerizons - It is a dazzling experience to meet people who live their life to the maximum and who know life is all about positives. They chat away and animatedly and often with exclamations. Ha, ha, ha, ha... Forget everything and live like you have never died and had a good time.

Life is pretty hard at times. Take time to breath in, hold hands, napkins, and respect the essence of time.

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