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Viewing Common Wildlife Of Virginia Woodlands
about 1 year ago

Have you ever seen a deer or a fox or a golden eagle? What about a deer or a bear? How about a mountain lion or a bear? What about all the other animals? Well, I am a wildlife lover and live in the great outdoors every chance I get.

I have to say that my experiences with wildlife have been limited to watching one animal, and that is my chicken, a male domestic. How did I tame this wild beast? Well, I have fenced with it many times since I released it into a small park several years ago.

As per Eric Tardif  The story goes that the chicken was released in to a little park in the area and people started going to see it. They said that it was an excellent bird, did you know that it had been given a seal by some people? Well, I did know that it had been injured, what did I see?

I was looking for woodpeckers, but what I saw was a giraffe, standing about 50 yards away. It was the head of a young giraffe about two years old. It was wandering with its mother. I remember that it was only about 100 yards away from me. It just stood there, in the open, looking in the direction of the road. That evening I went to sleep and saw the giraffe standing motionless in the middle of the open field.

The next morning I went for a walk and saw the same thing again. I retraced my steps to the place where I had seen the wild chicken the day before. As I went closer to the place the same thing happened. plush grass, nothing else. As I looked closer I saw that the chicken was on top of a medium sized rock. I Statue the poor animal as I pushed my way back to the place where I had seen the wild chicken. As I looked back quickly, the chicken was already getting back up into the open field. Come again? I repeated the process.

The next afternoon I went for a walk and saw the same thing. Towards evening the animal was back. I Statue closer this time, but it wasn't the same. The chicken was hanging on to the small foliage. I went home as soon as I could. Had I seen a golden eagle? Maybe I had just seen a lucky bird.

On another occasion I went for a drive in the country. I was soon come to a small hamlet. The first place I went to was a hotel. The reception was a very unpleasant place to be in. They kept on on onsing New York tuneSuite!I was looking for a peaceful place to do some business, and they had an office with a view of the town.

The next place I went to was the local police station. No reception, no desk, just a receptionist who helped me out with my paper work. As I completed my paperwork the attend was a plain clothed guy in a brown uniform. He was telling me about a guy he had seen at a swimming hole. The place was pretty far out in the country so I agreed to pay him a visit.

The Police Station was very nice. They had a few open seats in the Visitors Information Center (at the entrance) and several with private televisions. The place was pretty empty, as is usual at this time. I started asking questions and the attend told me there were only five or six people that came to the station per day. I was wondering why there was so much activity. The guy told me they had a lot of new electronic equipment at the station and it was being used to educate people in the nearby community about human potential.

I spent some time with the police officer and told him about my observation that there was a lot of new electronic equipment at the station. The attend told me that there were fifteen or so young people that came to the station per day. I was wondering what kind of electronic equipment they were teaching the youngsters about. The police officer told me they were teaching detector detectors to children interested in learning about wildlife and nature. I was intrigued, so I agreed to pay one visit to the station.

The visit went well! I talked to the detector operators, learned a bit about them, and asked them about the best locations for observing different species. I was particularly interested in learning how to build and operate a detector, as well as studying the different species with either digital or still photographs. I also asked them if they received any training from foreign scientists that may have expertise in wildlife and tourism.

dale Corporation, a non-profit research group, has been studying and restoring the Mara for twenty years now. They have successfully reintroduced pride of lions back into the Mara, as well as increased the population of the African Buffalo, thanks largely to fences and game-control practices. I ask a lot of questions as I inspect one of the cages and take some photographs.

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